Macrobiotic Online Course

The macrobiotic online course is provided via Skype with Simon Brown. This macrobiotic online course is a one to one classes that is the same as having your own private macrobiotic tutor. Using Skype Simon will share his screen with you to show you charts, drawings, pictures and diagrams that form part of the educational process.

Each macrobiotic online course will be followed up with a summary of the class with macrobiotic reading material. Simon will also recommend books for further reading, cooking projects and exercises for sharing your new skills and knowledge with other people. You can send Simon photographs of your meals to get feedback on your cooking, menus and application of macrobiotics.

Macrobiotic Online Course with Simon Brown
Macrobiotic Online Course with Simon Brown

Typical Macrobiotic Online Course Subjects

  1. Cooking
  2. Nutrition
  3. Food choices
  4. Menu plans
  5. Meditation and Mindfulness
  6. Tea meditation
  7. Exercise strategies
  8. Sleep
  9. Positive thinking, optimism and developing a love of life
  10. Adjusting macrobiotics to your needs
  11. Macrobiotic health protocols for treatment of specific conditions
  12. Macrobiotic health coaching
  13. Yin/yang and 5 elements
  14. Chinese medicine
  15. Face reading
  16. Ethics
Macrobiotic Online Course with Simon Brown 4 phases of macrobiotics
Macrobiotic Online Course with Simon Brown 4 phases of macrobiotics

Macrobiotic Online Course Teaching Style

The macrobiotic teaching style includes a variety of learning methods;

  1. Explanation
  2. Discussion
  3. Questions
  4. Guidance
  5. Guided self study
  6. Cooking projects
  7. Review
Macrobiotic Online Course email photos of your macrobiotic meals
Macrobiotic Online Course email photos of your macrobiotic meals

What you can do when you have completed your macrobiotic online course

Depending on how long you wish to study and how deep you wish to go into the subjects Simon will help you focus on any of the following areas so that you can start a new career in life.

  1. Start a macrobiotic business as a macrobiotic health coach (Simon started macrobiotic teaching in 1982 and health coaching in 1986. Simon trained nurses to become Diabetes Specialist Health Coaches in India from 2015 to 2017)
  2. Become a macrobiotic cook (Simon has written 2 macrobiotic cook books and developed many recipes blending macrobiotics with Indian, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine)
  3. Write papers and engage in scientific research (You can download papers on health coaching and diabetes – Macrobiotic Health Coaching Paper IMC 10.11.17 and Macrobiotics and the Management of Diabetes IMC 10.11.17)
  4. Write books and blogs (Simon is the author of 19 books and has written many articles for the mainstream media include a column for UK newspaper)
  5. Set up a health food shop and cafe (Simon was the director of Luscious Organic for 8 years)
  6. Create websites and apps (Simon project managed the creation of a diabetes health coaching app for Diabetacare)

Simon is the current chair of the Macrobiotic Association and has worked with his colleagues to produce minimum standards for macrobiotic education and Simon can help his students apply for accreditation with the Macrobiotic Association.

Macrobiotics Online Courses sugar free, gluten free, vegan desert
Macrobiotics Online Courses sugar free, gluten free, vegan desert

Personal Macrobiotic Online Course Health Coaching

As the macrobiotic classes are private, Simon can provide you with macrobiotic health coaching at the same time. You can choose a personal issue you are facing with your health or in life and Simon will show you how to apply macrobiotics to your own situation. Simon will also show you how to apply macrobiotic health coaching to the following issues are;

  1. Stress
  2. Digestion and colon related issues
  3. Diabetes
  4. Weight loss
  5. High blood pressure
  6. High cholesterol

For more information on using macrobiotics to treat health issues.

Macrobiotic Online Course Fees

Each session is 1 hour and cost of each macrobiotic online course session is £65 €80 or $90 US. You can have as many macrobiotic online course sessions as you like and as often as you wish. Payment can be made using PayPal or bank transfer.

Macrobiotic Online Course Booking

To arrange you first macrobiotic online class contact Simon and suggest the best dates and times for you. You will have the option to make further bookings at the end of each class.

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