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Welcome to the macrobiotics online home page. This site is here to help you begin your macrobiotic journey with expert help. The macrobiotic online health coaching service is designed to make improving your health as easy as possible. Simple daily lifestyle changes can make big changes to your health. Sometimes very small changes to our habits and routines result in surprisingly big improvement to our bodies and the way we feel.

Macrobiotics online is also here to help you learn more about macrobiotics through our macrobiotics online courses. These one to one courses can be arranged for any mutually convenient time. You can learn as quickly or slowly as you like and just have one or two introductory classes, or go all the way through to become a macrobiotic health coach.

Macrobiotics Online fresh vegetable juices
Macrobiotics Online fresh vegetable juices

Health Issues That Research Confirms Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching Will Help.

Macrobiotic online health coaching focusses on the following 5 aspects of life;

  1. Eating healthy natural foods
  2. Getting a variety of daily exercise
  3. Living without stress by using meditation and mindfulness
  4. Getting a good nights sleep and proper rest
  5. Training our mind to be optimistic, solution orientated and positive

Many research projects have shown that adopting these healthy lifestyle changes helps;

  1. Achieve a healthy weight and BMI
  2. Prevent diabetes, reverse pre-diabetes and manage diabetes
  3. Reduce potentially harmful stress, anxiety, anger and mild to moderate depression
  4. Lower high cholesterol and blood pressure
  5. Improve digestion and relieve digestive ailments
  6. Increase energy levels and vitality
Macrobiotics Online sugar free deserts
Macrobiotics Online sugar free deserts

Simon Brown

Simon Brown Macrobiotics Online

Simon has extensive experience that will help you improve your health and start a new career in macrobiotics. Simon has;

  1. Worked as a macrobiotic health coach since 1986
  2. Been director of the CHF a macrobiotic health centre in London from 1986 to 1993
  3. Written Modern Day Macrobiotics and Macrobiotics for Life
  4. Written a total 19 books, as well as ghost writing, author of a column for a UK newspaper and writing many articles.
  5. Been director of Luscious Organic health food shop and cafe from 2002 to 2010
  6. Taught annual Macrobiotic Health Coach and Cook one year training courses in London from 2003, with the next new macrobiotic course starting in October
  7. Been chair of the Macrobiotic Association since 2014
  8. Set up macrobiotic protocols for the treatment of diabetes for Diabetacare and trained Diabetes Specialist Nurses to become Diabetes Health Coaches for Diabetacare
  9. Project managed the creation of a new diabetes app for Diabetacare
  10. Provided classes and courses in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, India, Japan and Israel.

Potential Career Changes Through Macrobiotics Online

Simon will be able to help you become a macrobiotic health coach, macrobiotic teacher, macrobiotic cook, set up a health food shop or cafe, write blogs or books, create websites and apps, as well as start an online business.

Macrobiotics Online macrobiotic shop Luscious Organic
Macrobiotics Online macrobiotic shop Luscious Organic

To Find Out More On How Macrobiotics Online Can Help You

Contact Simon Brown to find out more how Simon can help you with any health issues and how Simon can help you make a career change. For more on macrobiotics and related subjects visit Chi Energy