Macrobiotics Online

Macrobiotics online is dedicated to help you learn macrobiotics to improve your life, with Simon Brown. The online relationship used in the macrobiotics online process is direct one to one contact via Skype or similar. Through this arrangement it is easy for Simon to share his screen and work with you to master the various aspects of macrobiotics.

Macrobiotics Online Coaching

Macrobiotics online health coaching is based on the health coaching principles where you;

  1. Decide the goal you want to achieve
  2. Setting up an action plan to include changes you can realistically apply to your life to achieve your main goal
  3. How long you are prepared to commit to your life changes to achieve your goal
  4. What would be measurable and tangible targets to help keep on track to achieve the bigger goal
  5. Setting up a helpful and manageable ongoing support process

Simon will help you though the whole macrobiotic health coaching process with online Skype sessions. Typically the process starts with an hour long macrobiotic health coaching session to set up goals, create an action plan and agree an ongoing support programme. Follow up sessions can be 30 minutes or 15 minutes as required.

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Macrobiotics Online Natural Healthy Meal
Macrobiotics Online Natural Healthy Meal

Macrobiotics Online Course

Macrobiotics online offers the opportunity for people all over the world to learn macrobiotics at the pace they wish. It is as simple as arrange a first macrobiotic class and then adding further macrobiotic classes as you wish. You can just take one macrobiotic class or keep going and learn how to become a macrobiotic health coach or cook.

When appropriate Simon will use screen sharing to explain diagrams, pictures, charts and text, set up cooking projects, provide supervised self study options, email a summary of the class and provide video clips.

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Macrobiotics Online 5 Transformations
Macrobiotics Online 5 Transformations

Simon Brown

Simon has more than 37 years experience helping people enjoy success through macrobiotics. He is the author of Modern Day Macrobiotics and Macrobiotics For Life. Simon was the director of London’s Community Health Foundation for 7 years, director of Luscious Organic for 5 years and is currently the chair of the Macrobiotic Association. Simon has worked for 2 years with Diabetacare helping train nurses to be Diabetes Health Coaches in India. As part of this he created healing protocols with doctors and project managed the creation of a health coaching app.

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