Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching

Macrobiotic online health coaching uses macrobiotic healing with health coaching to help you make sustainable positive changes to your life and health. Macrobiotics has provided a clear holistic path towards excellent health, that has been evolving since 1960, just as important as the content are the practical health coaching tools to make lasting macrobiotic lifestyle changes.

The basis is that the health coach works with you to help you set your own goals and then agree your own action plan to achieve your goals. There is considerable research to show that the macrobiotic approach to health is highly effective and that health coaching is an effective process to make sustainable improvements to our health.

Macrobiotics Online Natural Healthy Meal
Macrobiotics Online Natural Healthy Meal

The Macrobiotic Health Coaching Process

The following is the health coaching process Simon will use to help you make positive healthy changes in your life.

  1. Listening to your current situation
  2. Discussing what would be achievable goals and targets for you
  3. Creating a realistic action plan that will be your first step to better health
  4. Help you set a start date
  5. Agree a time period that will give you enough time to achieve your goals
  6. Check that your expectations are realistic and achievable
  7. Decide on an ongoing support process and strategy to overcome unexpected challenges
macrobiotic online health coaching exercise
macrobiotic online health coaching exercise

5 Lifestyle Changes That Improve Health

These 5 lifestyle changes are based on macrobiotic founder, George Ohsawa’s 7 conditions for good health and have since been verified by numerous research. See papers below.

  1. Healthy natural whole food nutrition
  2. Regular and varied exercise when possible in nature
  3. Good sleep
  4. Less stress through meditation and mindfulness
  5. Positive thinking and optimism

Simon has developed extensive protocols on all these 5 lifestyle changes to help you make easy adjustments to your routines and habits that result in improved health.

Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching Sleep
Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching Sleep

Essential Qualities of Macrobiotic Health Coaching

Each macrobiotic health coaching session is based on the following qualities. To be;

  1. A good listener
  2. Empathetic, respectful and considerate
  3. Inspiring, empowering and motivating
  4. Resourceful and solution orientated
  5. Patient and practical

Simon and his colleagues aim to deliver the best quality of interaction to help you succeed. Our ethics are to;

  1. Respect your privacy and keep everything you tell us confidential
  2. Respect your journey in life and not judge you
  3. Enhance your self esteem
  4. Be supportive and work with you if the changes are too challenging
  5. Work with you on developing your strengths
Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching Chickpea and Vegetable Soup
Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching Chickpea and Vegetable Soup

Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching Paper

You can read or download a paper on macrobiotic health coaching by Simon Brown. This further explains the application of macrobiotics and health coaching with references and research.

Macrobiotic Health Coaching Paper IMC 10.11.17

Macrobiotic Online Diabetes Paper

You can read or download a paper on preventing diabetes, reversing pre diabetes and managing diabetes using macrobiotic health coaching here.

Macrobiotics and the Management of Diabetes IMC 10.11.17

Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching Fees

The first macrobiotic online health coaching session is 1 hour the fee is £65 €75 or $90 US. You can have as many macrobiotic online health coaching sessions as you like and as often as you need. Further sessions can be 1 hour, 30 minutes or 15 minutes. Fees for 30 minutes are £35, €40 or $50 and for 15 minutes £20, €25 or $30. Payment can be made using PayPal or bank transfer.

Macrobiotic Online Health Coaching Booking

To arrange you first macrobiotic online health coaching session contact Simon and suggest the best dates and times for you. You will have the option to make further bookings at the end of each session.

For more information on macrobiotics also visit my Chi Energy site.